Dr H ALshafey

Aesthetic Doctor

Dr Alshafey was one of the first doctors in UK to do fat transfer under local anaesthetics, he had been trained in fat transfer in Lyon and Strasbourg in France. he uses closed systems for fat transfer to minimise risk of infection. He had extensive experience in Fat transfer to Breast and Buttocks. He is doing an average of 3-4 cases per week and have many pre and after photos for his work to show during consultation.He was trained on breast implants by Mr D Hammond ( an imminent breast surgery from US). Dr Alshafey uses Mentor implants. He is trained in liposuction and mini tummy tuck under local anaesthetic. He has medical insurance cover for 10 millions. He performs annual appraisal and re validation and audit his work regularly. He performs BBL, liposuction and fat transfer at Look Younger Clinic which is registered with Care Quality Commission. In 2012 he gained Membership of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine. In 2013 he gained Membership of the American Academy of anti ageing medicine . He had training in Botox , Laser in Aesthetics , Laser in Gynaecology . Laser in Liposuction. Dr. Alshafey is known for a kind and sympathetic approach to solving his patient's problems, and is widely liked and respected by them. He has long experience with patient care gained through 13 years of experience in NHS before he moved to private practice.