Look Younger Clinics specialises in fat transfer to breasts or buttocks. Brazilian Butt Lift Cost £1850 , Liposuction Cost £1450Look Younger Clinic has been registered with Care Quality Commission since 10/03/2015 and fully licensed to have minimal invasive surgeries such as liposuction or blepharoplasty done at our facilities. We perform treatments whether surgical or non-surgical to the latest standards and our practice complies with the latest protocols to enhance safety and efficiency. We offer our services at two locations Morden (London) Clinic or Chichester (West Sussex) Clinic.

Dr H ALshafey

Aesthetic Doctor

One of the first doctors in UK to do fat transfer under local anaesthetics, he had been trained in fat transfer in Lyon and Strasbourg in France. .

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Dr M Elsayed

Body Contouring Specialist

Dr Elsayed has done more than 100 cases of power liposuction achieving great results for smaller waist and tummy. All cases were done under local anaesthetic achieving quick recovery.

Alicja Majewicz

Practice Manager

Alicja Majewicz works as patient co-ordinator Developing and coordinating patient care programs Managing human resources, Handling patient case management ,Managing patient care plus other administrative tasks like clinical governance. .

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Mr A Saftawy

SurgicalConsultant Poland

particularly interested in cosmetic surgeries. The most recent and innovative minimally invasive treatment for cases of face lift, liposuction, fat transfer.