Breast/Buttock Augmentation with Fat

We are one of the first clinics in UK to offer Breast/ Buttock enlargement with fat under local anaesthetics. We offer it in London and Chichester. Local anaesthetics improves safety by avoiding risks of general anaesthetics and also reduce risks of internal organs injury.
We offer procedure consultation in London and Chichester, where you meet our Dr and he will answer all your questions about procedure, you will then have 4 weeks to think about it and read our consent form for procedure and decide if the the right thing for you or not.
Procedure start by collecting fat from unwanted areas, fat is collected in closed system to reduce risk of infection and then fat is injected in breasts or buttocks.
you will need to have one week off after this procedure.
Our consultation is free.
Cost :per area liposuction done : one area is £1000 deposit then £50 per month for 18 months.
Tel : 0330-606-0239
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