Breast enlargement with fat

We are one of the first clinics to offer breast augmentation with fat under local anaesthetics in London and Chichester. Fat is considered the ultimate filler and it is a natural component in breast, Fat transfer to breast gives natural look and feel of breast and avoids scarring ( with implants) and risks of implant besides the added benefits of removing fat from unwanted areas in body.
Breast enlargement with fat or lipofilling is a technique that has profoundly improved our aesthetic results. It consists of liposuction of excess fat deposits and injecting the purified fat in the desired areas. It leaves no scar and is performed under local anesthesia in our clinic.
Lipofilling brings the volume needed to correct the desired area. Fatty components used act as fillers, for shaping certain areas of the body or for improving the body contour.
Lipofilling gives excellent results in the long term, with natural and stable results if the patient maintains a stable weight after surgery.
Lipofilling can be performed for Breasts: to improve the cleavage and to increase the breast projection and to increase volume of breasts.
Cost: 500 deposit then 75 monthly for 18 months.
We do the procedure at Finsbury Park ( London) branch ( consultation only) or Chichester branch ( consultation and procedure).