How to look younger

As we grow older , our natural skin renewal slows down , dead cells are not removed as they should be , resulting in skin looking dull , rough combined with collagen decreases we start to get lines. at we reverse that by removing the very outer layer of skin by the most effective way ( laser skin resurfacing) Or ( Medical Chemical Peeling) so stimulating skin to produce new layer of skin which will be much younger , then we inject growth factors to compensate the skin with what it needs during the building of the new skin. Also we have available options to tighten skin including Radio frequency and Non Ablative Laser , that help to tighten skin especially lower half of face .
At clinic , we will review your skin and then suggest a plan for reducing ageing signs using minimal intervention techniques that offer best natural results and minimal downtime.
We have the latest laser technology at clinic , offering Laser Skin Resurfacing , Fractional Ablative Laser both of them improve skin texture . We also have Non ablative Laser and latest Radio frequency Machine that offer tightening and lifting for skin that will be essential for lower half of face , also Platelet Rich Plasma or Vampire Face lift which will supply skin with much needed growth factors and increases collagen in skin. We also advise you on best skin care system that will maintain your skin in best condition for as long as possible.
or you can try our skin rejuvenation program where we use mild chemical peel every 2-4 weeks for 4 months then to have deep chemical peel or laser skin resurfacing.
Treatment Courses
Complete Package of Skin Rejuvenation from:£1600 £960 include Chemical Peeling + Laser Skin Resurfacing + Vampire Face lift
Laser Skin Resurfacing from:£1200 £720
Medium to strong Chemical Peeling from:£490 £294
Light Chemical Peeling from:£80 £48
Growth Factors from:£490 £294
Radio frequency from:£95 £57
Non Ablative laser from:£235 £141
Fractional Ablative Laser from:£500 £300
Anti wrinkles injection from:£175 £105
Fillers from:£190 £114
Medical Microdermabrasion from:£65 £39
Dermaroller from:£175 £105