We offer treatment for jowls in London and Chichester. Jowls occur on the lower jaw and can affect both men and women. They are caused by sagging facial skin as part of the ageing process. As the skin sags, the jawline starts to droop, resulting in loose skin and fat hanging beneath the normal jawline position.
Jowls can be caused by a number of factors other than just age: Over-exposure to the sun can cause skin damage, giving the skin a leathery appearance and resulting in a loss of elasticity; Smoking also negatively affects the skin’s elasticity by accelerating the ageing process; Some people are predisposed to jowls due to bad genes; Gravity and sleeping on your front or side consistently can also produce jowls over time.
If you are concerned about your jowls, has several effective cosmetic treatments that can help rejuvenate and restore your sagging facial skin.

Jowl Lift Clinic is highly experienced in performing jowl lifts and offers the following treatments:
Skin Tightening uses a high-intensity laser to penetrate the skin, helping to boost your skin’s natural collagen and firming its outer appearance. The process can be completed in just a few minutes, and the results are instantly noticeable.
We have  a revolutionary technology which uses a radio frequency device to heat the collagen layers deep within your skin. A jowl lift can be performed in under an hour, and You should expect more than one treatment to achieve good result, we also offer thread lifting for jowls and if there is large jowls and lax neck you may be a candidate for laser liposuction for neck and jowls.

Our treatments

Treatments and Pricing for Jowls

Rejuvenating treatments such as Skin Tightening have brilliant effects in smoothing wrinkles and lines and are excellent in lifting the area. Injectable fillers are also effective.
Minor surgical treatment is another amazing way to tackle skin at the jowls. Removing the excess skin and retightening the face instantly take years off your face and restores a naturally smooth jaw line.

Treatment Courses
Skin Tightening from:£250 £150
Laser Skin Resurfacing£250 £150
Radio-Frequency from£95 £57