Laughter Lines


As you age, laughter lines around the eyes and mouth can deepen. Though laughter is often the best medicine, the way our facial muscles move when we smile and laugh creases the skin, causing wrinkles known as laughter lines.
These may be minor while skin is young and supple, but as we age, skin loses elasticity and these creases become deeper and more noticeable.
Many people see laughter lines as a natural part of ageing; however, there are many more who want to reduce them. They can add years to your age, and can exaggerate the appearance of other lines and wrinkles. Laughter lines go hand in hand with many other signs of ageing, but are easy to tackle with laughter line reduction treatments.

Laughter Line Reduction

The good news is that you don’t just have to live with your laughter lines. Reduction treatments can leave you with a plumper, firmer and lifted complexion. The natural volume of your skin will be boosted, smoothing out creases and leaving you looking younger, naturally.
Laughter line reduction can be achieved by clinic’s advanced skin peels. A chemical formula is applied to the face which peels away the upper layers of aged skin. This leaves a smoother complexion, with wrinkles being reduced or eliminated. There are different strengths of peel depending on the depth of your laughter lines, and they can treat even the deepest of creases and wrinkles.
Anti-wrinkle injectable treatments are another laughter line reduction treatment. Botox is one of the most trusted wrinkle procedures, but Sculptra can also reinvigorate your skin’s collagen production and Juvederm helps to rehydrate the skin. They all leave you with softened creases and a firmer complexion. They are speedy, virtually pain free and produce instant results.

Our treatments

Treatments and Pricing for Laughter Lines

You’ll be delighted to know that Clinic can put the smile back on your face, with our range of anti-wrinkle solutions that include dermal fillers and rejuvenating skin peels.
Grab the chance for unlined skin where the wrinkles once were, and you can laugh in the face of ageing.

Treatment Courses
Skin Peels from:£80 £48
Anti Wrinkle Injectables from:£190 £114
Laser Skin Resurfacing from:£250 £150