After Care

Liposuction after care include compression garment that you will need to wear for 3 months, intially you wear it 24 hours a day for one month ( taking it off only for showers) and then 12 hours day for the next 2 months. We offer compression garments for tummy and love handles but we do not offer for arms and thighs.
Secondly, lymphatic drainage massage which is important to reduce swelling and prevent seroma.
We show you how to do lymphatic drainage massage and you will need to do it three times a day 5-10 minutes every time.
Also you can have sessions of radiofrequency ( Accent) to help skin tightening, we do not offer that and you can search for the nearest centre to you, you will normally need 2-4 sessions. It is recomended if you having liposuction of lower belly as skin retraction in this area is not great.
You can have laser skin tightening which works by using non ablative laser energy that aims to heat skin and stimulate collage, we do not offer that and you can have 2-4 sessions.
Finally, Endermologie can help improve skin retraction after liposuction and it is worth having a session or two for that. We only do surgery and we do not offer Radiofrequency, laser or Endermologie.
For scars after liposuction, we recommend to use dermaroller with tatoo numbing cream, 3 months from procedure to fade the scars.