Liposuction Clinic offers Liposuction in London and Chichester.
We offer whole range of liposuction including tradiontional liposuction, Laser lipo, Fluid Lipo, Lipo and fat transfer. Also Tummy Tuck can be done at same time.
The fat deposits can then be removed using light suction.
The treatment is performed under local anaesthetic and is permanent and safe.

Do we offer free consultations?

Yes we offer free consultations. .

What is one area?

One area: lower belly, upper belly, love handles, upper inner thighs , lower inner thighs, chin, breasts

What if I need more than one area?

It can be done but cost will increase, for example cost of two areas is double cost of one area

How can I pay?

You can pay upfront or by instalments.

What happens to skin after lipo?

We use thin laser fibre under skin to improve skin tone, and also we can arrange laser sessions to tighten skin after procedure however sometimes that will not be enough and a mini tummy tuck will be needed, our dr will advise you during consultation.

What areas can be treated with laser liposuction?

Areas that can be treated include: tummy, back, jaw line/ jowl (double chin), backs of arms (bingo wings), hips, knees and gynaecomastia (man breasts).

How long does the laser liposuction procedure take?

Depending on the number of areas the treatment takes between 1 and 3 hours.

How much does it cost?

£1450 per area.

Can fat be used for breast / buttock enlargement?

Yes, we can use fat removed during liposuction for breast/ buttock enlargement..
We do the procedure at Finsbury Park ( London) branch ( consultation only) or Chichester branch ( consultation and procedure).

When will I see results from the laser liposuction procedure?

Results are visible in only 2 weeks. Further reduction can continue up to six months after treatment.