Liposuction Tummy Before and after


1What is liposuction?
Liposuction is a fat removal surgery, where small cannula will be inserted in unwanted fat and cannula is connected to suction machine.
2How is it done?
First local anaesthetic will be injected in area with unwanted fat, then fat removal begins, it normally takes two hours.
3Can I pay monthly?
Yes, deposit £1000 and you have surgery done and rest over 24 months interest free.
4Does liposuction work?
Liposuction involves removing fat by cannula, and amount of fat removed can be calculated on the day of surgery. it is one of the commonest cosmetic procedure in the world.
5Is it a day case procedure?
Yes, client will go home on same day, but they not expected to drive on same day .
6Can I have it during pregnancy?
No, client has to wait 6 months from pregnancy.
7What about loose skin after lipo?
Skin after liposuction will be different from loose skin that happens after weight loss surgery, due to removing fat by cannula there will be adhesions under skin that makes it tight and hard. Also skin tightening after lipo depends on age of client ( younger the better), dark skin tighten better and area fat removed. Love handles skin tighten nicely however lower belly skin not.
8Can I put weight again in same area?
Area that had liposuction will have reduced number of fat cells and that makes it harder to put weight in it, more likely client will put weight in other areas first as they will have more fat cells, however if significant weight gain happens, client can put weight in the same area that had liposuction done.
9How about scarring?
for each area, there will be two holes, each is half cm ( 5 mm). We normally discus with client their location to be in discrete locations.
10When do I see results?
you will start seeing result in one month, and it will keep improving and final result in 3 months.
11What is downtime?
One week and then client can go back to work, full recovery in 2-3 weeks. Please note that some jobs will need longer recovery before coming back to work.
12What is maximum amount of fat to be removed in one day?
4 litres of fat.
13How soon can I have my second lipo?
3 months after the first one.
14How long doctor been performing this procedure?
He started in mid 2013.
15What is the commonest complication?
Seroma, which is collection of fluid ( lymph) under skin, it can happen 7-10 days from procedure, client will be getting better but then report increased pain and swelling. Treatment is by syrnige drainage and antibiotic.
16What is the worst complication?
Blood clots in lungs or calves. It is a serious complication but rare and we advise about how to avoid it.
17What is one area?
One area: lower belly, upper belly, love handles, upper inner thighs , lower inner thighs, chin, breasts
18What is post operative care?
you will wear a compression garment for 3 months. Also we advise you about lymphatic drainage massage, Dr will see you at 6 weeks and 3 months after. if any problem you can see him earlier.
19Can I have fat transfer to butt?
Yes we offer that.
20Liposuction and tummy tuck?
Liposuction has been combined with mini tummy tuck to offer acceptable alternative to full tummy tuck and to avoid tummy tuck long scar.
21What if I need more than one area?
It can be done but cost will increase, for example cost of two areas is double cost of one area.
22How can I pay?
You can pay upfront or by instalments.
23What happens to tattoo after lipo?
As fat removed under tattoo, you can notice change in tattoo and can be distorted. Also skin underneath will look darker.
24What areas can be treated with liposuction?
Areas that can be treated include: tummy, back, jaw line/ jowl (double chin), backs of arms (bingo wings), hips, knees .
25How long does the liposuction procedure take?
Depending on the number of areas the treatment takes between 1 and 3 hours.
26What can I expect in terms of results?
The first two days after procedure you will be leaking red colour fluid which is the local anaesthetic we gave, you will be swollen for 2 weeks and you may not see any result. Then swelling will go down and you start see result in 4-6 weeks in some cases you will have to wait up to 3 months for result to show. Area that had liposuction will be hard and lumpy but this will go within 3 months from procedure.
27How much does it cost?
£1450 per area.
28Can fat be used for breast / buttock enlargement?
Yes, we can use fat removed during liposuction for breast/ buttock enlargement.. We do the procedure at Morden ( London) branch ( consultation only) or Chichester branch ( consultation and procedure).
29When will I see results from the liposuction procedure?
Results starts to appear in 4 weeks, final result at 3 months. in some cases you will have to wait 6 months for final results. there is no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary.
30Our Locations:
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