Nose to Mouth Lines


What exactly causes nose to mouth lines?

Well, the biggest contributors are: sun exposure and age.
You see, sun exposure and ageing causes loss of elasticity of the skin, until it loses the ability to snap back in to place, allowing lines to form. Say hello to nose to mouth lines.
Facial expressions, like smiling and laughing can have a big impact, too. Causing creases in the skin, the repetitive movement of the face can eventually lead to permanent lines – whether you’re smiling or not.
Technically known as the nasal labial fold, these lines unfortunately become more prominent with age. A common complaint with many, luckily, there are highly effective ways you can get rid of them.

How to Get Rid of Nose to Mouth Lines?

How to get rid of nose and mouth lines… this common question has more than one answer: you can opt for Laser skin Resurfacing which remove the very outer layer of skin and heats layers underneath and by doing so it stimulates collagen formation and make skin more elastic and cause tightening and lifting.
what is really good about laser skin resurfacing is it creates natural younger looking result , then to have Growth Factors injected after Laser Skin Resurfacing.
Juvederm or Sculptra. Both non- invasive, anti-ageing derma fillers, that hold the key to a fuller more youthful look.
About Juvederm Injected into the skin, this highly effective filler quickly gets to work to camouflage the nose to mouth lines. What’s more, the treatment is extremely quick and the results are instant.
Then there’s Sculptra. A synthetic but biocompatible molecule, the particles are injected into the skin – which stimulate the skin to produce more collagen. This in turn, increases volume and fullness, smoothing away any offensive nose and mouth lines in the process.
A quick, easy and uncomplicated treatment, the results are visible straight-away. And, the great news is that the results continue to get better over the following few days and weeks as the body lays down new collagen and fills out your skin.
So, choose either of these treatments – and say goodbye to nose to mouth lines.

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