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15th August 2020
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BBL home exercise kit


BBL exercise kit that focus only on bum allowing bum to grow and not affecting thighs, to be used at home with no fixing to wall needed, no weights needed, hight quality resistance bands that suits all levels.

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  • [Specific for Bum]- -You can focus training actions on bum only with no thighs muscles working so you get bigger bum while thighs looks no bigger, which enhances how bum looks like. can replace a barbell to exercise , can replace a pull rope to exercise leg muscles.
  • [Lightweight And Portable]–The kit can be assembled and disassembled easily .   You can take it anywhere.
  • [All Quality materials]–High quality resistance bands that suits all levels.
  • [Suitable For Any Level]–Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, these are 4  resistance bands that will cover all levels. The adjustable resistances bands means you can choose the intensity of your resistance-band workouts to suit your personal goals.
  • [No fixing to walls needed]– You just attach the door hook as per pictures and you ready to exercise.
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Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions40 × 40 × 10 cm
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