Prostate Cancer Screening £10 per monthly.

1Why Prostatic cancer screening is important?
Four in 10 prostate cancer cases in the UK are diagnosed late 37% of prostate cancer cases diagnosed at stages three and four. The number of men dying from prostate cancer had overtaken female deaths from breast cancer for the first time in the UK.
2Screening Vs Diagnosis
Screening can not detect all cases and it is not as accurate as diagnosis and it can lead to raising suspicion while you have no cancer , increasing anxiety and increases risk of invasive diagnostic investigation. However screening increases the possibility for early diagnosis of prostate cancer.
3How much does it cost?
One off £60 registration fee, then £10 monthly paid by direct debit.
4What do I get?
We assess your risk for prostatic cancer and combine that with your blood result of prostatic specific antigen to give you an estimate of risk.
5Is there a chance for screening to miss the diagnosis of prostatic cancer?
Yes screening is not diagnostic and we aiming to use non invasive testing to estimate your risk of prostatic cancer.
6What if I am classifed as high risk of prostatic cancer?
We offer you all records to show to your GP to refer you to hospital specialist.

Prostate Cancer Screening

£10 per month

  • £10 per month for 12 months

Registration Fee


  • One Off Payment