Thread Lift

We are one of the first clinics to offer Thread lift in London and Chichester. Thread lift offers acceptable alternative to traditional Face lift without the very long downtime.
By age, our skin lose collagen and elasticity and starts to sag and to come down. Traditionally, Face Lift was the treatment of choice to treat Jowls and lines from nose to mouth. However, most of us find that the downtime ( 6 weeks) is unacceptable.
Thread lift involves inserting tiny surgical threads under skin, these threads takes around 6 months to dissolve, during that time your skin will react to them as a foreign body and will form a tiny scar around each of them under skin so you will not see that. These scars will have lots of collagen that will gradually cause lifting and tightening of skin.
At the same time, we insert other type of threads that have hooks and this type cause immediate lift at the time of procedure and the first type will continue to improve the lifting over the next 3-6 months.
We do the procedure at Finsbury Park ( London) branch or Chichester branch.
The result of this procedure should last between 2-3 years. and it can be repeated at shorter intervals if needed.
Thread liftings also is useful as working as ( scaffolding) around face maintain the shape of face.
Downtime: normally you will be able to go back to work or social activity the following morning unless bruising happens. we usually also perform laser skin resurfacing at the time of thread lifting, and that has 4-6 days as downtime, we strongly recommend combining both procedure at the same time.
Cost is £75 per month for 12 months.