Once you contact us we will get back to you with basic information about the service you interested in with price and suitability for the procedure and links to more information including videos links, consent form, Liposuction information sheet v3, fat transfer information sheet and our Revision Policy v3, our leaflet Leaflet and Patient Terms & ConditionsV4
If you decide to attend a consultation we will offer a free consultation and we have an office in Greater London that the consultation can be held there or if it is closer to you, then you can attend consultation in Chichester PO19 1EL
During the first consultation we will assess your suitability for the procedure and check what results you would like to achieve and we will send consents, information sheets and our revision policy to you and ask to discuss your plan with GP in case they have any concerns and request blood investigations ( we also request tummy scan if you planning to have tummy liposuction).
Once you read the information, discussed your plan with GP and had investigations done we will arrange a second consultation which can be done over the phone or in person if you prefer, please note first consultation has to be in person. In second consultation, we make sure you read the information sent to you in the first consultation and you had no questions to ask and all investigations are OK.
Then we can book for procedure, we require at least 2 weeks from first consultation to booking for surgery.
Procedure will be done at our Chichester clinic at 37A South Street, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 1EL.
We will send you a pre op email detailing what is required before you come to clinic including washing with hibi scrub the night before and in the morning before you travel to us. No shaving for area where we will do liposuction.
When you arrive at clinic, please wash your hands at the earliest opportunity, any time you change rooms, after toilet.
We will review paper works and make sure all consents forms signed then we will ask you to change to a disposable gown and disposable underwear, take photos mark you in front of mirror and mark the sites of scars ( all of this had been also done at the first consultation). Then we start injecting local anaesthetic which is like IV drip we first inject slowly 2-4 litres then we move to an infusion pump that inject much quicker the reason we do that it will be painful if we start straight away with pump and secondly local anaesthetic works better that way.