Mr Hosam Elhalwagy MBBch, MSC,MRCOG,M.D

Uro-gynaecologist Consultant

L.Consultant at East Sussex healthcare trust.I have a 27 years experience in gynaecology speciality Since my graduation in 1987. I have done my gynaecology training in UK and overseas .This allows me to work in different environments and acquire a wide range of experiences. I have achieved my academic degrees from, UK,that is MRCOG from the Royal college of obstetricians and gynaecologist and ,Master and Medical doctorate degrees in obstetrics and gynaecology .Throughout my training I have compiled many international and national publications in the urogynaecology and general gynaecology speciality.I had extensive surgical experience in the urogynaecology , pelvic floor surgery and incontinence surgery for the last decade. In my work at East Sussex healthcare trust as a L.consultant I am assessing and performing a wide range of surgeries to treat ladies with different healthcare problems related to this issue.As a urogynaecologist and a member of the British Society of urogynaecologist,I am always trying to give my patients the best and the most up to date care according to available evidence. I am particularly interested in the vaginal and vulval cosmetic surgeries. The most recent and innovative minimally invasive treatment for cases of incontinence and vaginal tightening /rejunivation procedures is being performed by LASER .Assessment case by case is very important in specifying cases that is eligible for this treatment .I am happy to receive any questions in this regards