Brazilian Bum Lift is a procedure done to achieve butt augmentation. It can be done by fat transfer from unwanted areas or by insertion of bum implant. This article will help you choose between them.
Fat transfer includes fat removal from unwanted areas like love handles or tummy and using this fat to augment bum. It is a minor procedure, day case with quick recovery around one week.
It gives consistent results in achieving bum enlargement equal to results achieved by implants. Adding to that it can achieve all ethnic shape requests for example African Caribbean clients normally asks for more hips that can not be done by implants but can be achieved by fat transfer. With fat transfer, all areas of buttocks can be augmented compared to mid buttocks only in case of implant.
Fat transfer can augment lateral buttocks, outer thighs while implants can not do that. Additionally, removing fat from sacrum is an added benefit for fat transfer compared to implant.
In terms of complications, Fat transfer avoids whole package of complications restricted to implant like visible edge, malposition, wound opening, scar in bum, second surgery, fluid collection around implant, calcification around implant.
In summary, if you have are slim client and do not have fat to collect, implant may be your only viable option. However if you have fat, then Fat transfer can achieve similar results to implant with much lower risks.