Fat is considered the ultimate filler and it is a natural component in breast, Fat transfer to breast gives natural look and feel of breast and avoids scarring ( with implants) and risks of implant besides the added benefits of removing fat from unwanted areas in body.
Breast enlargement with fat or lipofilling is a technique that has profoundly improved our aesthetic results. It consists of liposuction of excess fat deposits and injecting the purified fat in the desired areas. It leaves no scar on breasts and is performed under local anesthesia in our clinic.
How it is done?
It involves liposuction ( fat removal ) from unwanted areas and then fat injection in breasts.
Is it a day case procedure?
Yes client will go home on same day.
Who is suitable for it?
If you have unwanted fat and you feel breasts after pregnancy became deflated and you not keen on implant.
What are contraindications for it?
If you have any current concerns with breasts or you have family history of breast cancer.
How bigger will be the breasts?
expect half size to one size.
How much fat we transfer ?
we max transfer 350 mls of fat to each breasts.
When I will see results?
3 months.
How long it will last?
Expect 40-50% of fat will survive, you will need to wait 3 months for final result, fat that will survive the first 3 months will last for good.
What if I lose weight?
Fat cells store energy by getting bigger in size, expect when you lose weight that you will lose size in whole body including breasts but breasts will be better with fat transfer than not.
What if I put weight?
in our experience that made results better for clients who put around 5 kg after procedure.
Lipofilling brings the volume needed to correct the desired area. Fatty components used act as fillers, for shaping certain areas of the body or for improving the body contour.
Lipofilling gives excellent results in the long term, with natural and stable results if the patient maintains a stable weight after surgery.
Lipofilling can be performed for Breasts: to improve the cleavage and to increase the breast projection and to increase volume of breasts.
Cost: £1000 deposit then £47.5monthly for 18 months.
We do the procedure at Morden ( London) branch ( consultation only) or Chichester branch ( consultation and procedure).