When you consider having liposuction, options will be to have it in done in UK or abroad. It is becoming more popular to travel abroad to have it done and although it is generally safe however with any surgery, complications can happen and they can happen soon after surgery or when you back at home. Then you will need to think carefully about that possibility. It is generally cheaper abroad. If you decide to have it done in UK , you can have it in NHS if it is for a medical reason. However if it is for cosmetic reason, then you will have to go privately. Private options will be either private hospitals or private clinics. We are one of the best available options in London. We are registered with Care Quality Commission for cosmetic surgery. We are one of the busiest clinics in London offering this procedure. With many patients already done. Also our prices are affordable and comparable to abroad prices for liposuction.

There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary.