Breast Fat Transfer Cost

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Breast Fat transfer session

Cost Fat to Breast

Monthly Plan

Fat to Breasts.

£900 per session.

The ideal candidate for this procedure who has unwanted fat in body like tummy or waist, would like natural option for breast enlargement, not keen on silicon.

It makes breast fuller bigger , increase upper pole of breasts, normally each session increases breasts by half size to one size bra, we normally advise to have 3-4 sessions, all done under local anaesthetic

It is done under local anaestehtic you will be awake and you can have a family member with you all the time.

We start first by injecting local anaesthetic fluid in area where we will remove fat. Then liposuction which is traditional liposuction ( no energy used like laser or Vaser) . Then we inject fat in breasts under local anaesthetic.

Awake Fat transfer to breasts is our preferred way as it is safer than having general anaestehtic which normally causes veins to dilate which is risky during fat injection phase. Also injecting local anaestehtic causes veins in breasts to close down making procedure safer.

Fat in a natural component of breasts and transferring fat to breasts increase size of breast , make it fuller, increase upper part of breasts. Each session increase breasts by half size to one size bra. Each time we do it you will notice improvement , after 3-4 sessions you will see significant improvement that will be also noticeable to your friends and family. 

Fat that survives after first 3 months is expected to last for life time.

Belly is one of the favorite places to take fat from. As making your tummy slimmer will make your breast looks bigger.

They are commonly combined together as making flatter tummy already improves how breasts look like.

These two procedures are commonly combined and produces great results also reduce cost to our clients. It is done while you awake

Any procedure has its own risks, however we believe having it done under local anaesthetic reduces most of the major risks of having this procedure under general anesthetic , we will advise you in consultation about risks and you will have written documentation to read.

Most of the time is consumed by lipo process ( fat collection stage) , lipo will take between one hour to one hour and half. Fat to breasts will take around 15 minutes.

Yes you can transfer from arms to breasts. Smaller arms makes breasts looks bigger and more noticeable.

Client has to be 18 or above and does not have any mental history.

We start by lipo of area that has unwanted fat ( fat collection) then we inject fat in breasts. 

You may watch a video of one of our patients having the surgery done awake at our clinic here.

If client has diabetes or HIV or hepatitis or high blood pressure or auto immune diseases or psychiatric disorder. Please during consultation disclose all relevant medical information to us.

Local anaesthetic has many advantages first it improves safety as you may be aware fat should not be injected in muscle and when this procedure done under local, muscle is not numb and fat can not be injected in this area as it is numb, secondly it makes the procedure as out patient and patient goes home on same day to take care of her family and also reduces cost of the procedure.

Once you contact us we will send to you some information regarding procedure including cost then we will invite you to attend a free consultation to discuss your suitability for it. On day of consultation we will mark area where to take fat with a permanent marker so you will have a chance to go home and see the marking we will also mark the position of scars of lipo. We will send information sheets to you and consents forms to read at home and we will ask for blood investigations and to discuss your plan with GP in case they have any concerns. After that done we will arrange a second consultation which can be over the phone or in person then we book you in for procedure.

Liposuction involves removing fat by cannula, and amount of fat removed can be calculated on the day of surgery. it is one of the commonest cosmetic procedure in the world.

Yes, client will go home on same day, but they not expected to drive on same day .

No, client has to wait 6 months after giving birth.

Skin after liposuction will be different from loose skin that happens after weight loss surgery, due to removing fat by cannula there will be adhesions under skin that makes it tight and hard. Also skin tightening after lipo depends on age of client ( younger the better), dark skin tighten better and area fat removed. Love handles skin tighten nicely however lower belly skin not.

Area that had liposuction will have reduced number of fat cells and that makes it harder to put weight in it, more likely client will put weight in other areas first as they will have more fat cells, however if significant weight gain happens, client can put weight in the same area that had liposuction done.

One week and then client can go back to work, full recovery in 2-3 weeks. Please note that some jobs will need longer recovery before coming back to work.

If no fat transfer, second lipo can be done 48 hours after, if fat transfer done you will need to wait 6 weeks.

One area: lower belly, upper belly, love handles, upper inner thighs , lower inner thighs, upper back.

Blood clots in lungs or calves. It is a serious complication but rare and we advise about how to avoid it. We have detailed list of complications in our Liposuction information sheet. you will be given one after consultation.

As fat removed under tattoo, you can notice change in tattoo and can be distorted. Also skin underneath will look darker.

Depending on the number of areas the treatment takes between 1 and 3 hours.

There is no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary from one person to another.

Seroma, which is collection of fluid ( lymph) under skin, it can happen 7-10 days from procedure, client will be getting better but then report increased pain and swelling. Treatment is by syringe drainage and antibiotic. Seroma possibility depends on area of liposuction, more likely to happen if tummy or arms done than love handles. Secondly it depends on volume of fat removed, if large volume removed more likely for seroma to occur. You may be asked to be viewed on day 10 from procedure to drain it, you may have to be seen more than once till it settles.

Fat cells store energy by expanding in size. The number of fat cells remain the same if we put weight or became slim. only the size of the cells get bigger, we reduce the number of fat cells in the area we do lipo reducing its capacity to put weight again.