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Love handles (both of them) cost is £1360.

Whole tummy cost is £1360.
360 Lipo cost £2000 deposit and £60 per month for 12 months.
 inner thighs ( both of them) cost is £1360.
Outer Thighs ( both of them) cost is £1360.
Arms ( both of them) cost is £1360.

Lipo Chin cost


Vaginal Tighting Surgery


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Liposuction or Fat Removal Surgery or Body Sculpting is a surgical procedure to remove unwanted fat and have better shape.
We offer Traditional LiposuctionVaser Liposuction and Micro Liposuction , laser lipo , Power Liposuction.

We offer lipo sclupting where we remove as much fat as we can to make body looks better, not just remove some fat from the area.

Also we offer Awake lipo under local anaesthesia where you are awake and mobile , which is suitable for clients with high BMI, so we offer high BMI lipo. We also offer lipo under sedation , Lipo under general anaesthetic.

Common liposuction areas include:

You can pay £1000 as a deposit and rest over 18 months interest free.
Fat transfer can be done for additional £400.
Surgery is done at our Chichester branch: 37A South Street, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 1EL
For more info about procedure please read about Liposuction
For more information about Fat Transfer please read about BBL
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Above cost is for surgery, it does not include lymphatic drainage massage or foam or compression garments for thighs or arms.