Surgical Hernia Repair

Surgical Hernia Repair

Cost Surgical Hernia Repair

Hernia happens when internal parts push through weak spots and come foreword, Hernia surgery includes pushing these parts inside and making weak spots stronger.

Inguinal hernia is a lump that happens in groin, most commonly when you lift something or strains. Inguinal Hernia Surgery involves pushing internal stuff inside and making the hole stronger can be either with open surgery or key hole surgery.

Umbilical hernia is a lump through belly button or near it.

Surgery to repair umbilical hernia includes pushing the lump inside and strengthen the hole to prevent recurrence.

Hiatal hernia happens when the hole between chest and tummy is weaker than normal. It does require treatment if causing problems. Key hole surgery is done to tighten the hole if life style changes does not work.