Nipple Reduction

Nipple size or appearance can often change through weight gain, weight loss or pregnancy but conditions such as gynecomastia can also cause nipples to appear oversized in proportion to the rest of the chest.

Overly large nipples can affect men and women. It can cause concern to some patients either due to discomfort or increased visibility when wearing certain types of clothing.

Nipple Reduction in Women

It has been reported that 1 in 10 women in the UK suffer from nipple-related conditions where the nipples stick out and are often seen through clothing causing them to feel self-conscious. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are two common reasons why women may experience enlarged nipples. Nipple reduction surgery is a safe and effective procedure to help reduce the size of nipples making them more in proportion to the rest of the breast.

Nipple Reduction in Men

Men can suffer from the appearance of puffy or enlarged nipples due to gynecomastia. This is a condition which causes an excess in breast tissue developing within the chest which causes the nipple to be pushed outwards.

This can cause men to feel uncomfortable when wearing tight-fitting clothing or doing activities that require a bare chest like swimming. In some cases, weight gain and/or loss can also cause the nipple to appear more prominent. Nipple reduction surgery can be performed on nipples that are large in proportion to the rest of the chest.

Choosing Nipple Reduction Surgery

Whatever your reason for choosing nipple reduction surgery. You can rest assured that our expert consultant plastic surgeons will work with you to understand the cause of your enlarged nipple and the best possible treatment method which is going to achieve your expected results.

It can be performed as a stand-alone procedure usually under local anaesthetic, or in combination with other surgical procedures such as a breast augmentationbreast uplift or a male chest reduction.

Nipple Reduction Consultation

The best option is to come and have a discreet no-obligation consultation with our Consultant Plastic Surgeons who can discuss the procedure and your aims.

We believe information is important when you start your journey ensuring peace of mind when making that important decision. We provide expert Cosmetic surgeons and a dedicated medical team in our state of the art boutique hospital.