Breast Asymmetry Correction

The majority of women will have one breast that is slightly smaller than the other and various studies have found that close to 88% of women has some mild asymmetry in their breasts, this tends to be normal asymmetry and it is usually not very noticeable.

Many patients initially start to notice that their breasts are different in their teens when they try buying a bra. For some it can cause a great deal of distress and embarrassment. Improving the symmetry of your breasts with plastic surgery can help to boost self-esteem and confidence. Patients no longer feel the need to disguise their breasts and feel happier wearing certain types of clothing.

What causes Breast Asymmetry?

Breast asymmetry is usually a result of puberty or hormonal changes but there are conditions that directly cause asymmetric breasts including Poland Syndrome. Poland syndrome is a rare birth defect that causes muscles within one side of the body to be missing or underdeveloped. It is believed that is caused by insufficient blood supply to the chest whilst in the womb. Poland syndrome is more common in males however it is often more noticeable in females after puberty because of the breast development. Most people who have breast asymmetry don’t suffer from this syndrome and it is more likely for the cause breast asymmetry to be purely hormonal.

We have an expert team of breast surgeons who specialise in breast asymmetry correction. There are a variety of surgeries and techniques that can help improve the appearance of asymmetric breasts including;

• Unilateral Breast Augmentation to enlarge the smaller breast
• A Unilateral Breast Reduction to reduce the size of the larger breast
• A Breast Uplift to one of both of the breasts to correct a low nipple position

In the majority of cases, a combination of procedures may be required to give the best results and it may take more than one surgical procedure to get your final results. This is known as a 2 stage procedure which will be explained to you fully in your consultation.

Complete breast symmetry is not always possible so it is always important to remember that results from breast asymmetry surgery are to be considered an improvement rather than perfection.