Breast Fat Transfer

Breast fat transfer cost £1550. Breast size and fullness can have a huge effect on body confidence. Factors such as weight loss, pregnancy/breast feeding, or ageing can cause breasts to look emptier or lose their shape, while many others are born with naturally smaller breasts which can leave some feeling insecure.

Fat transfer to the Breasts, also known as lipomodelling, lipofilling or a natural breast enhancement is a minimally-invasive procedure that offers a subtle enhancement to the breasts. It is a popular choice for women who are looking to add shape and volume to their chest, whilst removing stubborn pockets of fat elsewhere on the body.

Whilst breast implants are the most common way to increase the size of breasts, not everybody wants serious surgery or breast implants. Fat transfer to the breasts can provide a subtle enhancement using their own tissue.

Breast Enlargement with Fat Transfer involves removing pockets of fat from other areas of your body (such as the legs or abdomen) and transferring the fat into the breast area to increase volume and shape in a subtle, natural-looking way. Stubborn areas of fat around the body can be difficult to rid of through exercise and diet alone and, for some, a form of body contouring treatment combined with fat transfer can be an effective way to achieve their end goal. You may read our page about Small Tits as well.

Am I Suitable for Breast Fat Transfer?

Fat Transfer breast augmentation is suitable for those wanting to shape their figure while achieving subtle enhancement to the breasts. Fat Transfer is not recommended if you:

  • Want a significant increase in breast size.
  • Don’t have enough fat to transfer.
  • Require an uplift.
  • Are considering having children within the next year.
  • Are solely after breast augmentation, without liposuction.

You will need to have enough fat to transfer for treatment, meaning it is not always suitable for those with low body mass. We advise all patients to be cautious with their expectations. Breast Fat Transfer will add shape and definition but will not provide a substantial increase in size.