Facelift Surgery

Ageing, weight loss, smoking and genetics may cause skin to lose volume, sag or pull away from the face and neck. People seek facelifts to remove this extra skin, creating a firm, youthful appearance. It cost £1550.

As we age, our faces show the signs of ageing. A surgical face/neck lift, also known as rhytidoplasty, tightens skin around your face, jawline and neck, resulting in a youthful, rejuvenated appearance.

With age comes loss of elasticity to the skin and loss of collagen or fat deposits. This creates loose looking skin on the face and neck.

Areas a facelift can change:

  • A sagging look in the cheeks.
  • Jowls from excess sagging skin in the lower jaw.
  • Deep nose to mouth lines.
  • Sagging skin in the neck and in some cases more fat.

Depending on your facial structure and skin quality you will be assessed by our Consultant Reconstructive and Plastic Surgeons who will work with you to establish the best course of treatment and type of facelift procedure.

What is the best type of Face lifts/neck lift procedure?

At Look Younger  Clinic, our Cosmetic Surgeons will discuss the best options to suit your face and neck. They could be:

  • Full Facelift (Rhytidectomy) – lifts the upper and lower face for total rejuvenation, removes excess skin and removes deep lines and folds. Deep Plane or SMAS techniques can be used to tighten underlying facial muscles and tissues.
  • Mini Facelift (Lower Face lift) – lifts sagging jowls and the neck, removes excess skin, resulting in a better-defined jaw and neckline.
  • Forehead Lift (Browplasty) – lifts the forehead, to remove deep lines and elevate the brows. This will help to improve the overall look of the face as well.
  • Temporal and One Stitch Facelift – Minimal downtime, performed under local anaesthetic with minimal hidden scarring within the hairline and a low risk of swelling and bruising. As featured in Harper’s Bazaar’s Cosmetic Tweakment Trends of 2019.
  • Mid-Face Lift (Cheek Lifting/ Malar Lift) – restores the deep nasolabial folds, sagging cheeks, the lower eyelid area and hollowing between the lower eyelid and cheeks. Tired and sagging cheeks are lifted as are the downward slanted corners of the mouth making the face look rejuvenated and creates a more youthful contour.
  • Facelift and Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) – a combination procedure to completely rejuvenate the face and eyelids.
  • Neck lift (lower rhytidectomy) – removes fat and tightens the sagging skin along the jaw and neck area. It results in a youthful, defined neck and jawline.
  • We also offer non surgical face lift which we do with threads PDO, laser face lift and filler in nose to mouth fold.
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