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  • £1000 Deposit and £30 per month for 18 months. BBL
1Brazilian Butt Lift Price
Buttock augmentation price depends on area fat removed from, if we remove fat from love handles for brazilian but lift then cost will be £1850. If fat removed from tummy, cost will be £2500. You can pay £1000 as a deposit and rest over 18 months interest free
2Best Candidate for Brazilian Bum Lift
The ideal candidate for this procedure is a person who has big love handles as removing love handles and making waist slimmer than bum have an immediate pleasing effect. Also, the ideal candidate should have enough fat to transfer. In our experience Body Mass Index is not a reliable indicator of who will benefit from BBL. If love handles are big enough, the client will benefit from procedure even if BMI is low.
3What can brazilian buttock lift achieve ?
It can achieve hour glass shape or heart shape figure. It can increase bum projection. Where the fat will be injected? Client can choose where to inject fat, but most of our clients want more projection ( upper half of bum) and more hips ( to have hour glass shape).
4How is a Brazilian Butt Lift performed?
We start first by liposuction which is traditional liposuction ( no energy used like laser or Vaser) fat will be collected in a special system where we can separate fat from fluid and blood. Then fat will be injected in bum areas marked previously.
5How much fat will survive?
We found that patients who had big love handles and BMI more than 35 they have better fat survival. We advise clients to expect 50% of fat will survive. Also putting weight by 2-3 kg after the procedure improves results. We are currently asking clients to try to drop 2-3 kg before
6What if I lose weight?
By fat transfer to buttocks (BBL) we increase the number of fat cells in the bum and reduce the number of fat cells in other areas, the bum will put weight easier than before and will be more resistant to losing weight compared to before.
7When do I see the result?
You need to allow 3 months after the procedure until all swelling and oedema disappear. There can be bruising for 4-6 weeks. Occasionally for tummy final result will be at 6 months from procedure.
8How about scaring?
We use a small cannula to inject fat in the bum, there will be minimal scarring on the bum. For liposuction, there will be two little holes for each area we remove fat from each is 5 mm (half cm in length). We discuss their location with the client before the procedure and choose their location to be as discrete as possible.
9Our Locations
London: Peel House, 32-44 London Road, Morden, London SM4 5BT Chichester: 37A South St, Chichester PO19 1EL
10Is it safe to have BBL with us?
in our opinion, we are the busiest clinic in the UK performing this procedure. We were one of the first clinics in UK to offer fat transfer to buttocks under local anaesthetics. We offer it in London and Chichester. Local anaesthetics improve safety by avoiding risks of general anaesthetics and also reduce risks of internal organ injury. We offer procedure consultation in London and Chichester, where you meet our Dr and he will answer all your questions about the procedure, you will then have 2 weeks to think about it and read our consent form for procedure and decide if it is the the right thing for you or not. The procedure starts by collecting fat from unwanted areas, fat is then collected in closed a system to reduce risk of infection and then fat is injected in the breasts or buttocks.
You will need to have one week off after this procedure.We advise to avoid sitting for one week (we used to advise for 2 weeks but we found this is difficult to comply with) we want the least pressure on fat cells to improve survival. if you can, take breaks from sitting, avoid putting pressure on upper half of bum while you sitting by moving away
12Post Operative Care
You will wear a compression garment for 3 months. We advise you about lymphatic drainage massage to accelerate healing. We also advise you about certain exercises to improve the shape of the bum. You will see the Doctor at 6 weeks and at 3 months. However, if any problem you can see them earlier. Also you will need to wear anti embolic socks for 6 weeks.
13Before BBL
Smoking is highly discouraged before and after BBL as it delays healing process. Stop oral contraceptive pills as they increase the risk of blood clots. Stop ALL medications/ herbs/ vitamins before procedure, Discuss any regular medication with us. Recovery from BBL under local anaesthetic is quick however immediate care after surgery is important. You should plan to have a responsible person with you who will help you the first day and make sure you eating and drinking properly. We will give you a list of items to buy for post operative care mainly pads or towels to absorb any excess anaesthetic solution.
14The Day of Surgery
Shower with Hibiscrub at home before you come to clinic. Do not apply moisturisers, eat light meal. You can come to clinic by public transport but you will have to be driven back, you can not use public transport. Wear loose, comfortable, washable pants and shoes that can be removed easily. Wear a washable shirt or blouse that button or snaps so that you will not need to pull it over your head. When you arrive we will take you to your room, another check of your medical history and allergy will be confirmed. Please bring the consent forms and information sheets with you to clinic all signed. Dr will mark you in front of mirror which will be similar to the marking he done previously during consultation.You will be given antibiotic and a medication to make you relax. Then we will start infusing local aneasthetic solution in the area we planning to remove fat from. We inject around 5-6 litres of fluid that contain local anaesthetic. This is a lengthy step and would take around 2-3 hours.During this step patients may feel skin stretched ( as if they had eaten too much) this is mainly due to volume of fluid.You can use your phone or read a book during this step. Once done we will check if it is fully numb and if so we will start procedure. Then Dr begins sculpting the area with fat using small cannula. Please note holes of lipo will heal with a scar and despite some of them can eventually disappear but you have to accept that they can be there for life and can look darker in colour. We mark the scars during consultation and before surgery. Cannula used for lipo will be attached to clean suction tube and fat collection bag. Once fat removal is done, the incisions of lipo will be left open to allow the fluid to drain. The advantage is faster draining of fluid resulting in quick recovery and less swelling. Lipo usually takes between 1-2 hours. Once fat removal done, we start fat injecting in areas agreed before.
15What is the minimum age?
We strongly recommend that clients to be at least 21 years old, although it can be done at 18 years old but our opinion to wait at least till client is 21 years old.
16Who is not suitable for it?
If client has diabetes or HIV or hepatitis or high blood pressure or auto immune diseases or psychiatric disorder. Please during consultation disclose all relevant medical information to us.
17Why do we stage the fat transfer?
In our experience the result is much better if we do it in two stages we typically do waist first ( love handles bra wings) then client can have the second fat transfer 6 weeks after typically from tummy. The cost of each session is separate and in our experience that improves results and enhances safety.
18Why under local anaesthetic?
Local anaesthetic has many advantages first it improves safety as you may be aware fat should not be injected in muscle and when this procedure done under local, muscle is not numb and fat can not be injected in this area as it is numb, secondly it makes the procedure as out patient and patient goes home on same day to take care of her family and also reduces cost of the procedure.
19How it works?
Once you contact us we will send to you some information regarding procedure including cost then we will invite you to attend a free consultation to discuss your suitability for it. On day of consultation we will mark area where to take fat with a permanent marker so you will have a chance to go home and see the marking we will also mark the position of scars of lipo. We will send information sheets to you and consents forms to read at home and we will ask for blood investigations and to discuss your plan with GP in case they have any concerns. After that done we will arrange a second consultation which can be over the phone or in person then we book you in for procedure.
20Do you offer Breast Reduction?
Yes, it costs £2000 deposit and £61.5 per month for 24 months. Please visit our Breast Reduction page :
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