Lipo For High BMI

Depends on BMI we can advise to have liposuction or gastric sleeve, if BMI is more than 35 we normally advise to have sleeve. lipo for high bmi in Turkey.


 To have liposuction under general anaesthetic, your BMI ideally should be less than 30 or 31.

If it is above than that we can still do it but we prefer to do it under sedation or  under local anaesthetic. As it is much safter to have lipo under local anaesthetic for clients with hight BMI.

we can divide the procedure into steps so we do not remove very big volume of fat in one day. We can remove up to 5 litres of fat in one day. With clients with high bmi normally they have more than 5 litres of fat to have good result , it that case we divide procedure into two stages , 48 hours apart aiming to remove 5 litres of fat in each stage. The commonest areas will be 360 lipo, where we remove fat between bra and underwear from front and back.


High BMI lipo is safe if done under local anaesthetic and divided into two stages.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.