Lip Lift

A lip lift is a surgical procedure that elevates the upper lip and shortens the distance between the base of the nose (columella) and the upper lip (vermillion border).

The area being treated in a lip lift is known as the philtrum. Usually it is genetics that determines the length of your philtrum, but ageing can also cause the philtrum to elongate giving the appearance of thin lips..

A lip lift procedure is ideal for those who are looking to add definition and height to lip. It is best performed on patients who have a long philtrum which is the area between the nose and top lip. Whilst the treatment does not add volume to the lip, many find that it can help the lip to appear fuller.

A lip lift procedure is suitable for patients who may have:

  • A long philtrum (15mm +)
  • Thin upper lips
  • Flat lips
  • Inverted lips
  • Unbalanced lips
  • Downturned mouth corners

Types of Lip Lift procedures

There are a variety of techniques when it comes to lip lift surgery. The most appropriate technique for you will be decided by your surgeon following a consultation where they are able to assess your lip, philtrum size and discuss what results you are expecting to achieve.


Subnasal Bullhorn Lip Lift


This is the most common type of lip lift procedure that will be performed. An incision will be made from one nostril to the other. The skin just under the base of the nose (philtrum) will then be cut and pulled upwards from the centre, right and left of the lip. The incision is designed to be concealed along the base of the nose and often takes the shape of a bullhorn.


Central Lip Lift


A central lip lift is similar to a bullhorn lip lift but the incision is instead just made within the lower nose. A small area of skin is then removed from the centre. Unlike the bullhorn lift, the lip is only lifted from the centre and not the sides. It is ideal for increasing the pronunciation of the cupid’s bow.


Italian Lip Lift


An Italian lip lift is also similar to the more commonly performed bullhorn lip lift. Rather than having one incision that runs from the end of one nostril to the other, this technique involves 2 small incisions under each nostril. Excess skin is removed and the skin is then lifted within the nostrils. These incisions help to lift the left and right sides of the lips for a more subtle result.


Direct Lip Lift


Also known as a ‘gullwing lip lift’, a direct lip lift aims to create more defined border to the upper lip. It involves a thin strip of skin being removed from the philtrum area. The skin is then pulled upwards to emphasise the border of the lips (vermillion). The scar from this procedure is usually along the upper lip area.


Corner Lip Lift


A corner lip lift is designed to just lift the corners of the lips. This is best for those who are unhappy with downturned mouth corners. Small triangular incisions are made at the mouth corners and a small section of skin is removed before it is then pulled to achieve a more lifted appearance. A corner lip lift can be combined with additional lip lift procedures for full lip rejuvenation.