Complications are rare, but do occur: althougth liposuction under local anaesthetic is safe but it is still surgery here is a list of what can go wrong, Our consent form has more detailed explanation and we normally give it to you to read at home before surgery.
Contour irregularities.
Injury to internal organs : like injury to bowels, one of the benefits of local anaesthetic that it only numb fat but not bowels so injury to bowels will cause severe pain, we also require ultrasound on tummy to exclude hernia before lipo tummy to reduce this risk.
Seroma: this is a common complication but not serious, Our body has fluid called lymph that travels in fat and when you have fat removal , this fluid can accumulate in area fat removed from, this is called seroma, treatment normally is simple by drainage and antibiotics….
Fat embolism.
blood clot in the lung …
Nerve Damage: can be temporary or permanent
Skin death ( necrosis): skin loss is rare but can happen, mainly due to loss of blood supply to this area of skin.
Death: there was no reported death from liposuction under local anaesthetic.