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Cost Hair Transplant

Men and Women


Ideal candidate for Hair transplant when client above 30 years old.

it also depends on grades of hair loss, clients who is grade 5 or more will need two sessions.

The ideal candidate for this procedure is a person who has big love handles and big tummy as removing them during 360 lipo will have a pleasing effect. We do procedure under local anaestehtic  so we accept high BMI patient.

Hair will fall after one month from transplant , then regrow again  , you start seeing result from 3 months and good result from 6 months.


Hair transplant in scars in hairy area is successful and make scars invisible.



Procedure takes around 6 hours.

You will be awake during hair transplant and mobile , you can go to toilet at any time.

we recommend platelet rich plasma 2 days before the hair transplant

It improve result for hair transplant, if compliance and cost is not an issue we recommend to have minoxidil for long time , client need to know that minoxidil can not be stopped ubruptly and has to stopped gradullay otherwise most of hair transplanted and natural hair will fall.

we advise to stop smoking 2 weeks before  procedure and also after procedure for two weeks.

Hair Transplant does not leave scars, your friends , family will not notice.

for first two weeks, we cover the donor area, for area that has hair transplant no coverage.

also we advise to wear clothes with buttons or scissors so no friction with hair.

P.ease stop alcohol two weeks before procedure as alcohol can increase risk of bleeding.



Blood supply of head can not feed more than 3500 graft, each graft has 1 or 2 or 3 hair threads.

so maximum 3500 grafts.

One week off work.

You will wear a compression garment for 3 months. We advise you about lymphatic drainage massage to accelerate healing. We also advise you about certain exercises to improve the shape of the bum. You will see the Doctor at 6 weeks and at 3 months. However, if any problem you can see them earlier. Also you will need to wear anti embolic socks for 6 weeks.

Smoking is highly discouraged before and after BBL as it delays healing process. Stop oral contraceptive pills as they increase the risk of blood clots. Stop ALL medications/ herbs/ vitamins before procedure, Discuss any regular medication with us. Recovery from BBL under local anaesthetic is quick however immediate care after surgery is important. You should plan to have a responsible person with you who will help you the first day and make sure you eating and drinking properly. We will give you a list of items to buy for post operative care mainly pads or towels to absorb any excess anaesthetic solution.

Shower with Hibiscrub at home before you come to clinic. Do not apply moisturisers, eat light meal. You can come to clinic by public transport but you will have to be driven back, you can not use public transport. Wear loose, comfortable, washable pants and shoes that can be removed easily. Wear a washable shirt or blouse that button or snaps so that you will not need to pull it over your head. When you arrive we will take you to your room, another check of your medical history and allergy will be confirmed. Please bring the consent forms and information sheets with you to clinic all signed. Dr will mark you in front of mirror which will be similar to the marking he done previously during consultation.You will be given antibiotic and a medication to make you relax. Then we will start infusing local aneasthetic solution in the area we planning to remove fat from. We inject around 5-6 litres of fluid that contain local anaesthetic. This is a lengthy step and would take around 2-3 hours.During this step patients may feel skin stretched ( as if they had eaten too much) this is mainly due to volume of fluid.You can use your phone or read a book during this step. Once done we will check if it is fully numb and if so we will start procedure. Then Dr begins sculpting the area with fat using small cannula. Please note holes of lipo will heal with a scar and despite some of them can eventually disappear but you have to accept that they can be there for life and can look darker in colour. We mark the scars during consultation and before surgery. Cannula used for lipo will be attached to clean suction tube and fat collection bag. Once fat removal is done, the incisions of lipo will be left open to allow the fluid to drain. The advantage is faster draining of fluid resulting in quick recovery and less swelling. Lipo usually takes between 1-2 hours. Once fat removal done, we start fat injecting in areas agreed before.

We strongly recommend that clients to be at least 21 years old, although it can be done at 18 years old but our opinion to wait at least till client is 21 years old.

If client has diabetes or HIV or hepatitis or high blood pressure or auto immune diseases or psychiatric disorder. Please during consultation disclose all relevant medical information to us.

Local anaesthetic has many advantages first it improves safety as you may be aware fat should not be injected in muscle and when this procedure done under local, muscle is not numb and fat can not be injected in this area as it is numb, secondly it makes the procedure as out patient and patient goes home on same day to take care of her family and also reduces cost of the procedure.

Once you contact us we will send to you some information regarding procedure including cost then we will invite you to attend a free consultation to discuss your suitability for it. On day of consultation we will mark area where to take fat with a permanent marker so you will have a chance to go home and see the marking we will also mark the position of scars of lipo. We will send information sheets to you and consents forms to read at home and we will ask for blood investigations and to discuss your plan with GP in case they have any concerns. After that done we will arrange a second consultation which can be over the phone or in person then we book you in for procedure.

Liposuction involves removing fat by cannula, and amount of fat removed can be calculated on the day of surgery. it is one of the commonest cosmetic procedure in the world.

Yes, client will go home on same day, but they not expected to drive on same day .

No, client has to wait 6 months after giving birth.

Skin after liposuction will be different from loose skin that happens after weight loss surgery, due to removing fat by cannula there will be adhesions under skin that makes it tight and hard. Also skin tightening after lipo depends on age of client ( younger the better), dark skin tighten better and area fat removed. Love handles skin tighten nicely however lower belly skin not.

Area that had liposuction will have reduced number of fat cells and that makes it harder to put weight in it, more likely client will put weight in other areas first as they will have more fat cells, however if significant weight gain happens, client can put weight in the same area that had liposuction done.

One week and then client can go back to work, full recovery in 2-3 weeks. Please note that some jobs will need longer recovery before coming back to work.

If no fat transfer, second lipo can be done 48 hours after, if fat transfer done you will need to wait 6 weeks.

One area: lower belly, upper belly, love handles, upper inner thighs , lower inner thighs, upper back.

Blood clots in lungs or calves. It is a serious complication but rare and we advise about how to avoid it. We have detailed list of complications in our Liposuction information sheet. you will be given one after consultation.

It can be done but cost will increase, for example cost of two areas is double cost of one area.

As fat removed under tattoo, you can notice change in tattoo and can be distorted. Also skin underneath will look darker.

Depending on the number of areas the treatment takes between 1 and 3 hours.

There is no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary from one person to another.

Seroma, which is collection of fluid ( lymph) under skin, it can happen 7-10 days from procedure, client will be getting better but then report increased pain and swelling. Treatment is by syringe drainage and antibiotic. Seroma possibility depends on area of liposuction, more likely to happen if tummy or arms done than love handles. Secondly it depends on volume of fat removed, if large volume removed more likely for seroma to occur. You may be asked to be viewed on day 10 from procedure to drain it, you may have to be seen more than once till it settles.