The worst skin retraction happens in lower belly skin. Normally love handles or back skin retract nicely.
Although, it is considered energy based liposuction ( like laser or vaser), heat skin and improves retraction, however it increases risk of skin loss, so in our opinion it will be safer to have non energy liposuction and then you can have 2 sessions of laser skin tightening afterwards.
The compression garment must fit perfectly. It should not create folds in skin as once healed it will be difficult to treat. Change position of garment regularly to even the area.Don’t let a binder cause a groove or divot on your (ex) muffin top. No marks.
Lymphatic drainage massage is important, you will need to do it 3 times a day each 5-10 minutes, to start from day 10 after liposuction.
Treat seroma ( fluid collection), suspect seroma if you start feeling the area had lipo becomes bigger and swollen, seroma is simple to treat with syringe drainage.
Endermologie – search for centres offering it in London – makes sure that no areas of edema are collecting. 2-4 sessions.
Post-op Accent- Radiofrequency system create heat to tighten skin. 2 sessions for mild laxity, 4 for moderate.

There is no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary.