We offer seroma drainage service for everyone, Home visit will cost £200.


What is a seroma?

A seroma is a collection of fluid (lymphatic fluid) within the area that had liposucton. Serum is the yellowish liquid portion of blood that remains after the red blood cells (which transport oxygen to the body’s tissues), and white blood cells (which fight infections) have been removed. A seroma occur commonly after liposuction. It is not a serious complication. Without treatment, a seroma will usually resolve slowly over several weeks to many months. But we prefer to drain it to avoid risk of infection and also to help skin heal in the best possible way. We drain it with a syringe. In our experience and our patient population, we think seroma incidence is proportional to volume of fat removed, in other words the more fat removed the more likely you get seroma.

Causes the seromas after liposuction?

Seromas after liposuction are the result of surgical trauma which injures or destroys the lymphatic vessels within the targeted fatty tissue. Lymphatic vessels are tiny, thin-walled tubular structures located throughout the body, and have the specific function of draining tissues of fluids that leak out of capillary blood vessels. Excessively large liposuction cannulas not only create large empty pockets within targeted fatty tissues, but also remove lymphatic vessels. Both of these conditions encourage the formation of seromas after liposuction. Unfortunately, seromas are a common problem after liposuction. liposuction cannulas create a considerable amount of damage which injures blood vessels as well as the delicate lymphatic vessels. Without lymphatic vessels to drain away excessive lymph fluid, the fluid collects within the excavated spaces in the fatty created by the liposuction process.

How can seromas be prevented?

We advise about lymphatic drainage massage and will show you how to do it, also we do not stitch liposuction holes and keep them open to drain and lastly compression garment can help.

You have to be aware that after liposuction you will be getting better and smaller everyday, but around 2 weeks from procedure if you notice new swelling in area that had liposuction, that is more likley seroma, please contact us to drain it.

Do elastic compression garments prevent seromas?

Compression garments can help prevent seromas. Compression garments reduce both the number and size of seromas.

Will use of microcannula reduce seroma?

cannula less than 3 mm diameter, likely to reduce incidence of seroma but also unlikely to be helpful to remove significant amount of fat. In our clients base who come to see us with significant fat, we use 3 mm and we find it difficult to use smaller cannula than that.

How it is drained?

by aspirating with syringe, expect to have more than one drainage, and to see us weekly till it settles.

There is no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary.

Seroma After Tummy Liposuction