What is the Brazilian Butt Lift?
The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a procedure where fat will collected from unwanted areas and then injected in butt for enhancement. What are alternatives to Brazilian Butt Lift? There are two alternatives to Brazilian Butt lift, first is butt filler where a filler like the one used for lip enhancement will be injected in bum to give shape. It is safe procedure and has minimal downtime but the cost of filler is expensive ( around £275 per 10 ml and cost can build up quickly for more than £5000 plus it is not permanent and filler last between 12 to 18 months. The other alternative is butt implant where an implant ( silicon ball like one used in breasts) are inserted in bum however rate of complications of this procedure is too high to accept plus long scarring in bum.
Who is the ideal candidate for BBL?
he ideal candidate for this procedure is a person who has big love handles as removing love handles and making waist slimmer than bum have an immediate pleasing effect. Also the ideal candidate should have enough fat to transfer. In our experience Body Mass Index is not reliable indicator of who will benefit from BBL. If love handles are big enough, client will benefit from procedure even if BMI is low.
What can Brazilian Butt Lift achieve ?
it can achieve hour glass shape or heart shape figure. It can increase bum projection. Where the fat will be injected? Client can choose where to inject fat, but most of our clients wants more projection ( upper half of bum) and more hips ( to have hour glass shape)
How is a Brazilian Butt Lift performed?
We start first by liposuction which is traditional liposuction ( no energy used like laser or Vaser) fat will be collected in special system where we can separate fat from fluid and blood. Then fat will be injected in bum areas marked previously.
Large or small volume fat transfer?
Any living tissue needs blood supply and fat cells do not get direct blood supply from an artery like kidney or liver, fat cells get blood supply from neighbouring existing fat cells ( diffusion). Making it essential to inject new fat in thin lines between existing fat in bum. In our experience, injecting huge amount of fat in bum that do not have contact with existing fat do not achieve great result. Therefore we do not transfer more than 1000mls per each cheek even if we got more fat to inject. Also in our experience coming for a second fat transfer improve results.
How much fat will survive?
We found that patients who had big love handles and BMI more than 35 they have better fat survival. We advise clients to expect 50% of fat will survive. Also putting weight by 2-3 kg after procedure improve result. We currently asking clients to try to drop 2-3 kg before procedure and then regain them after.
Deep injection or superficial injection?
Can I have it during my period?
There is no contra-indication to have BBL during period however we found that during period clients may have increased sensitivity to pain that is why we advise to delay after period.
What if I lose weight?
By Fat transfer to buttocks ( BBL) we increased number of fat cells in bum and reduced number of fat cells in other areas, Bum will put weight weight easier than before and will be more resistant to losing weight compared to before.
When do I see the result?
you need to allow 3 months after procedure until all swelling and oedema disappear. There can be bruising for 4-6 weeks.
Can I have a dramatic result?
If this is the case it is better to have more than one transfer so instead of having many areas done on same day and all transferred, better to divide them area by area. Also this depends on if you have enough fat to transfer.
Can I have fat from someone else?
No, it has to be your own fat.
per area liposuction done : one area is £1000 deposit then £50 per month for 18 months. Love handles ( both of them) is one area, Tummy is classed as 1.5 area so cost will be £2775, you can pay £1000 deposit and rest over 24 months. If you pay upfront you get 15% discount.
What is the post operative care?
you will wear a compression garment for 3 months. We advise you about lymphatic drainage massage to accelerate healing. We also advise you about certain exercises to to improve shape of bum. you will see dr at 6 weeks and at 3 months. However if any problem you can see them earlier.
How about scaring?
We use small cannula to inject fat in bum, there will be no scarring on bum. For liposuction, there will be two little holes for each area we remove fat from each is 5 mm ( half cm in length. We discuss their location with client before procedure and choose their location as discrete as possible.
Do you offer free consultation?
yes we offer at London and Chichester, address in London: Peel House, 32-44 London Road, Morden, London SM4 5BT, address in Chichester: 37A South St, Chichester PO19 1EL
Is it a day case procedure?
Yes, you will go home on same day. It is done under local anaesthetic , you will be awake but pain free and completely mobile. You can have a family member with you in theatre.
We are one of the first clinics in UK to offer fat transfer to buttocks under local anaesthetics. We offer it in London and Chichester. Local anaesthetics improves safety by avoiding risks of general anaesthetics and also reduce risks of internal organs injury. We offer procedure consultation in London and Chichester, where you meet our Dr and he will answer all your questions about procedure, you will then have 4 weeks to think about it and read our consent form for procedure and decide if the the right thing for you or not. Procedure start by collecting fat from unwanted areas, fat is collected in closed system to reduce risk of infection and then fat is injected in breasts or buttocks. you will need to have one week off after this procedure. Our consultation is free. Cost :per area liposuction done : one area is £1000 deposit then £50 per month for 18 months. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tel : 0330-606-0239 Contact us : Click HerePeel House, 2nd floor, 32-44 London Road, Morden SM4 5BT One minute walk from MordenTube Station. Chichester Clinic: 37A South Street ,Chichester ,West Sussex,PO19 1EL 2 minutes walk from Chichester train station . You will find us beside Jackson Stops Realestate and Tesco Express. Phone:03306060239--------------------------------------------------------------------------
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