Private knee replacement cost

Everything you need to know about the cost of private knee replacement surgery in the UK

Private knee replacement costs in the UK vary depending on the type of knee replacement you have and where you have the procedure.


On average, total knee replacement surgery in the UK the cost of a knee replacement is around £14,000.

The price of knee replacement will be different at different hospitals and sometimes different surgeons charge different costs. Costs can also vary depending on the materials used in your replacement knee, and whether your surgeon uses computer-assisted navigation technology or surgical robotics to perform the procedure.

How much is a knee replacement surgery with Circle Health Group?

You may be wondering how much does a private knee operation cost, and can I afford knee surgery? At Circle Health Group, we offer tailored treatment plans with fixed-price packages to make your payment process as simple as possible. We offer fixed-price packages for knee replacement surgery starting from around £13,625.*

This cost includes hospital fees, surgeons costs and aftercare. It doesn’t cover your consultant outpatient appointment fees or any diagnostics you need for diagnosis.

If you would like a quote tailored to your personal circumstances, you can give us a call and one of our friendly advisors will be happy to help you.

*This is a guide price for patients paying for their own treatment. The actual cost of your knee replacement will be confirmed at the time of booking.

At Circle Health Group we offer the option to spread the cost of your private knee operation and treatment across a time period that suits you. Your fees will be spread evenly across fixed-term instalments that are paid monthly over a period that you choose, from 10 months to five years.


Think of it as pay-monthly private healthcare, here to help you access private treatment when you need it without paying all at once.

These flexible payment plans are offered through our partner Chrysalis Finance, the UK’s largest patient payments solutions company. You don’t need to pay a deposit and you can borrow any amount from £30 to £25,000 (subject to eligibility).

If you choose to pay over 10 months, the repayments are interest free. If you choose a longer period, 14.9% APR applies.

Find out how much you can borrow with Chrysalis today with our fixed term payment calculator.

Our private knee replacement costs include your surgery, your consultant and anaesthetist’s fees, hospital fees, the cost of your private room, and your aftercare including follow-up appointments and physiotherapy.


Our fixed-price packages are designed to take the worry out of your payments, because you know exactly what you will pay ahead of time. There won’t be any nasty surprises down the line.

The things that are not included in this fixed price are the cost of your first appointment with your consultant (which starts from about £200) and the cost of tests and scans you might need before we decide if a knee replacement is the right choice for you. These will be billed at the time, and you’ll always know the price before you agree to anything.

The implants (artificial joints) used for knee replacement in the UK are usually made from a mix of materials – commonly metal, ceramic and plastic. The implants used for private knee replacements are the same as are used by the NHS.


We have a network of brilliant orthopaedic consultants working across more than 50 hospitals around the UK, so with Circle Health Group you’ll always find a talented knee surgeon near you. Our surgeons perform thousands of knee replacements each year and will choose the best type of implant based on your personal circumstances.

Before placing the implant, your consultant surgeon will perform tests to make sure that the measurements match your anatomy as well as possible. They will fit the implant as precisely as possible to ensure your new joint feels as natural and moves as well as it can.

If you have private health insurance, whether you have a personal policy or have cover through work, you can usually use this to pay for your knee replacement surgery.


Private health insurance (also known as private medical insurance or PMI) is designed to allow you to go private for treatment and not worry about the cost. Your policy covers the cost of your care, allowing you to get fast access to private treatment and feel safe in the knowledge that the price will be covered by your policy.

We work with all major insurance companies, so if you have a health insurance policy and want to see if it can be used to pay for a knee replacement operation, read our guide to private health insurance.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to pay outright for private knee replacement if this isn’t possible for you.


You can pay for treatment using our flexible payment options mentioned above or using your private medical insurance.

We understand that choosing the right payment option can be confusing, which is why we have a knowledgeable advisory team on hand to help explain the options to you in detail, and help you decide which option best suits your needs. Call us today to find out more.

One of the main benefits of private healthcare is that it offers you fast access to treatment. We don’t have a waiting list for treatment, and private knee replacement waiting times with Circle Health Group are not long at all. You can choose when you have your surgery, and you’ll usually find slots available within the next two weeks.

We know that living with knee pain can significantly impact your quality of life, interfering with the simplest of everyday activities, such as walking, driving, even just going to the shops. Living with pain and reduced mobility can lead to understandable feelings of frustration and upset.

Private healthcare allows you to access treatment quickly and get your life back faster. There are many other benefits of going private, including:

  • The freedom to choose your hospital and your consultant
  • Bespoke, consultant-led treatment plans tailored to your individual needs
  • Private ensuite rooms as standard
  • Tasty and nutritious meals cooked on-site to your dietary requirements
  • Support from the same compassionate clinical team from beginning to end

It’s easier than you think to access private treatment without the need for health insurance.


If you are paying for yourself (also known as self-pay), your consultant will send you a bill for the cost of your initial consultation.

The price of this is payable directly to your consultant, who will let you know the best way to pay.

The rest of your treatment is paid directly to Circle Health Group. We will send you a bill and all the information you need before having surgery. The payment will need to be paid in advance of your treatment.

If you like, you can pay the full price of your treatment in one go. Some people pay online, and others over the phone.

There is also the option to pay by post, or at the hospital after your initial consultation and once your treatment plan has been decided.

Otherwise, you can use our flexible payment options. In this instance, we’ll let you know exactly what to do to make sure all the costs are covered.

Book your appointment online today.

We answer commonly asked questions about knee surgery and the costs of private treatment.

What is a knee replacement?

A private knee replacement operation is a procedure to repair a painful knee joint by replacing the damaged part of the knee with an implant, also known as a prosthesis. It is a highly effective and very common type of surgery, used to treat chronic knee pain.

Knee replacement is a long-term solution to reduce pain and improve your quality of life.

How much does a knee replacement cost privately?

The typical cost of knee replacement (UK) at a private hospital is between £12,000 and £16,000, with the average private knee replacement surgery cost being about £14,000. This is for a total knee replacement, which is the most common type of knee replacement. Partial knee replacement costs may be slightly lower, but not always.

The cost of a knee replacement varies depending on the individual person and case, with factors that affect the price including what type of surgery you have and which hospital and consultant you choose.

How long does a knee replacement last?

In general, a knee replacement is expected to last about 15 years. After this you will need to have knee revision surgery to replace the implant.

However, some studies have shown that most knee replacements last a lot longer, with around 80% expected to last 25 years or more.