Breast Auto-Augmentation

A breast auto-augmentation is a great way lift the breast and also restore fullness into the upper breast with no implant.

When it comes to implant removal, one of the biggest reasons that leaves patients feeling concerned is how their breasts are going to look after the implants have been taken out.

When you remove your breast implants, it can cause your breasts to lack fullness and appear sagged. When the upper pole of the breast is lacking in volume, it can cause breasts to look sunken and saggy.

What is a breast auto-augmentation (breast uplift and implant removal)?

A breast auto-augmentation or a breast augmentation-mastopexy or breast lift with auto-augmentation, is a specialised plastic surgery procedure that uses your own natural breast tissue to reshape and enhance the shape of your breasts.

The procedure only uses your natural breast tissue and it has a big advantage over implants in that it will only increase volume in the upper pole, no volume or weight will be added to the lower pole of the breasts. It may be difficult to replicate the same size with implants, but it will be a close match.

Who can have a breast auto-augmentation operation?

Ideal candidates for a Breast Auto-Augmentation procedure are patients who are looking to have their implants removed but do not want sagging breasts post procedure.

It is common for upper pole fullness to decrease following a breast implant removal as the implant was often the reason for the fullness. The shape and appearance of the bust can change for patients who have had large implants or implants for a long period of time. The skin of the breasts can appear stretched and sagged.

What are the benefits of an Auto-Augmentation?

  • Improving the shape of your breasts without an implant
  • Increasing the fullness of the upper breast with no implant
  • Correcting sagging of the breast
  • Lifting the breasts into a more youthful position
  • No added weight of an implant
  • A natural implant is achieved

What is the difference between Breast Auto Augmentation and Breast Uplift?

The breast auto-augmentation procedure is similar to a breast uplift however this procedure is instead a reconstruction of the breast for patients who are having their implants removed. A breast uplift tends to focus on relocating the nipple to give the appearance of fuller breasts and the breast tissue is often untouched. An auto-augmentation procedure instead uses the patient’s existing breast tissue or glands and relocates them to the upper portion of the breast.

Who is the best plastic surgeon for breast auto-augmentation (breast uplift and implant removal)?

Breast Auto-augmentation is a specialist plastic surgery procedure which should only be performed by expert breast surgeons. Very few plastic surgeons carry out this specialist type of procedure so be sure to ask to see previous examples of their work when you visit for a Breast Auto-Augmentation consultation